From the Editors: A category of opportunity

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From the Editors: A category of opportunity

By Seth Mendelson - 04/14/2020

"I'm stressed," said a friend to me over the phone last week. "Do you have any CBD products to relieve the pressure?"

I am probably not the only person in the world being asked if they have some extra CBD items lingering around my house during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, I am pretty certain that many people are looking for items to alleviate the combined stress of cabin fever, economic deterioration and health concerns over the last six weeks.

The pressure is on and CBD-infused items are seen as something that can relieve the stress. With that in mind, CBD products have moved to the top of many shopping lists these days. Along with toilet paper, paper towels, anti-bacterials and, now, hair coloring products, CBD items are in hot demand by consumers 

Now, the onus is on retailers to get more involved with the category. And, the big question is whether they are willing to get more involved with the category in the face of this crisis but without the blessing of the federal government and some state governments.

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