Yesway adding Alkaline Water’s A88CBD to stores

Alkaline Water's A88CBD ingestibles are joining the convenience retailer's CBD lineup.

Yesway is continuing to grow its CBD repertoire with the addition of Alkaline Water's A88CBD ingestibles to its lineup.

"We are excited to announce that our A88CBD lemon-lime flavored water and four flavors of our gummies will be carried by one of the fastest-growing convenience stores chains in the U.S.," said Ricky Wright, president and CEO of Alkaline Water. "Yesway merged with Allsup stores in November of 2019 to create a leading c-store operator with almost 402 retail locations and growing. This is a meaningful win for our A88CBD brand and came in coordination with our CBD-focused DSD partner, BettermentRS. They will also assist with fulfillment efforts to all Yesway stores."

Founded in 2012, Alkaline Water is a lifestyle water brand. Its flagship product, Alkaline88, features a proprietary electrolysis process to deliver an 8.8 pH balanced alkaline drinking water. In 2019, the company launched A88 Infused Beverage Co., which houses the company's CBD water and flavor-infused water.

In 2020, A88 Infused Products debuted to include the company's lab-tested full-spectrum hemp salves, balms, lotions, essential oils, and bath salts, along with broad-spectrum hemp, powder packs, oil tinctures, capsules and gummies.

Fort Worth-based Yesway broke into the CBD space last spring when it partnered with BettermentRS — a health-and-wellness company based in the same city — for procurement, distribution and training in the CBD space. 

The retailer's current CBD offerings include supplements, topicals, shots, confectionery, smoking and non-smoking and packaged beverages.

Yesway, the retail arm of BW Gas & Convenience Holdings, operates 402 stores in Iowa, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming.

This article originally appeared on CSNews