Wild By Nature debuts with convenience focus

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Clean CBD brand Wild By Nature is unveiling its debut collection of CBD products. The botanical-inspired brand, based in Orange County, Calif., offers a selection of CBD tinctures, as well as portable single CBD shots, aimed at the convenience market. 

"We identified the CBD market as an opportunity to create a trusted brand, empowering consumers to feel free to explore quality CBD products that are thoughtfully produced, and taste great," said Jeremy, Wilds co-founder and chief marketing officer "Brands have the innate ability to help people discover the new and transform lives. This higher sense of responsibility is something that seemed to be missing within the CBD category, and is something Wild is seeking to provide."

The products include single shots, 10-ml tincture bottles and 30-ml tincture bottles — all of which are formulated to a strength of 100 mg per ml. They are available in six flavor ranges:

  • Serene, which includes lavender, rose and hibiscus;
  • Inspire, which includes wild lime and lemon;
  • Fresh, which includes apple and mint;
  • Escape, which includes mango and pineapple; 
  • Chill, which includes mint, menthol and spearmint; and 
  • Balance, which includes passionfruit and lime. 

The company noted that its supply chain closely manages and controls the full lifecycle of the product, from seed to finished product. It conducts multistage testing and adheres to good manufacturing practices, manufacturing in ISO-standard facility.