Theragun debuts new name, TheraOne CBD line

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Percussive massage therapy device maker Theragun is changing its name and expanding its scope. The newly minted Therabody is focused on leading in the tech wellness space and using proprietary technology to develop wellness solutions for everyone, including its new TheraOne CBD line and a new generation of Theragun devices. 

"With the launch of TheraOne and our fourth generation of percussive massage therapy devices, it was a natural progression for us to evolve into this next chapter of becoming Therabody," said Jason Wersland, founder and chief wellness officer of Therabody. “With the launch of TheraOne, we are able to offer our customers another natural wellness solution that is not only effective on its own, but also complements our Theragun Percussive Therapy devices. I'm thrilled with this milestone of launching Therabody and how it enables us to help more people. We are just getting started as we continue to develop products backed by science that can further help people feel better, naturally.”

TheraOne’s lineup of organic CBD products is set to release in the summer and will include five full-spectrum CBD products that are USDA Organic Certified made from hemp cultivated in Colorado. The proprietary offerings will include the company’s patent-pending Biosorb technology to maximize absorption of the beneficial elements of hemp, the company said. 

Therabody said the idea for a CBD line was driven by Wersland’s recognition of CBD benefits after integrating it into his treatments. The company said TheraOne is intended to set a high standard for the CBD industry.