Study: 84% of products contain more CBD than advertised

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Study: 84% of products contain more CBD than advertised

By David Salazar - 06/10/2020

A recent study from CBD educational platform is highlighting discrepancies between CBD products’ labels and their actual CBD content. The Israeli company tested 37 products and found that 27 of them (73%) contained a CBD amount that was within 90%-110% of the amount advertised. Thirteen percent of products tested had CBD that differed with their labels by plus or minus 30%. executives said the findings reflect positive trends in the category. 

"These findings suggest that the CBD industry is becoming more mature and transparent, resulting in accurate, higher-quality products," explained Noa Gans, Head of Product at  He noted that the level of accuracy on display was in-line with emerging standards in the medical cannabis industry and that only five products tests had a CBD content that differed from their label by 40% or more — one of which only contained 6% of the advertised CBD content. 

LeafReport’s study was conducted by Canalysis Labs, an independent cannabis testing lab based in Las Vegas. The analysis found that a vast majority of CBD products — 84% actually contained more CBD than advertised. It also noted that 

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