SpectrumLeaf Cannadips hit 7 European regions

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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SpectrumLeaf is expanding the reach of its THC-free CBD-infused dip pouches. The company’s Cannadips, which launched late last year, now are available in more than 1000 stores in seven areas of Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 

SpectrumLeaf’s Cannadips take inspiration for their delivery method from tobacco snus, but unlike their inspiration, Cannadips are tobacco- and nicotine-free. They also are free of THC. The result, the company said, is a healthier substitute for snus users who don’t want to give up the familiarity of having a pouch in their mouth. The product also offers a new way for existing CBD enthusiasts to experience a vegan, fast-acting and discreet delivery method. 

Among the retailers carrying Cannadips across Europe are such large chains as K-Kiosk in Switzerland and Circle K in Estonia, as well as smaller specialty retailers in Prague and Amsterdam. 

"Every European region has their own individuality in regulations and consumer behaviours when it comes to CBD products. This is why it's been crucial that we engage and work closely with experienced local partners to roll out Cannadips accordingly," said SpectrumLeaf CEO Felix Sundström. "We believe transparency and product education are key for a brand like Cannadips due to its unique pouch format and the nature of the industry. This is why we openly share lab results online for every batch and ensure both distributors and consumers have access to information on product usage and FAQs.”

In addition to the retail availability, Cannadips also are sold at, which is available in English, Swedish, German, Italian and French.