Socati, Super Snouts team up for water-soluble CBD pet offering

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Yooma Wellness subsidiary Socati is working with U.S. pet cannabinoid company Super Snouts to bring a line of USDA Certified Organic, water-soluble CBD tinctures for pets to market.

The companies said the collaboration combines Socati’s expertise in ingredient manufacturing and product formulation with Super Snouts’ innovation, experience and pet industry knowledge.

“We believe that water-soluble CBD drops are a great mechanism to deliver CBD to pets,” said Christy Love, co-founder of Super Snouts. “The drops can be mixed with food at mealtimes while the absorption of water-soluble ingredients continues to work in water-soluble environments in pets’ bodies. Most CBD pet products are oil-based, but for absorption of edible CBD oil-based products - via the oral mucosal membrane - dogs are required to hold the oils in their mouths. Anyone who has dogs will know that asking them to hold food or liquid in their mouths for any length of time isn’t just impractical; it’s impossible.” 

The product — sold in 90-, 150-, 300- and 600-mg bottles — contains USDA Certified Organic, broad-spectrum hemp and is offered in a vegan chicken flavor.

“Innovating new and unique CBD products that better suit their users - whether those are pets or people - is an exciting business to be in,” said Mark Elfenbein, chief revenue officer at Socati. “We’re very privileged to work with many of the most progressive CBD brands in the market, including Super Snouts, and look forward to continuing to leverage our formulations capabilities to help create next-generation products that move the market forward and provide users with great experiences.”