Serda’s Coffee offering CBD-infused beans

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Serda’s Coffee is bringing CBD to the morning pick-me-up. The Mobile, Ala.-based company said that it now is offering coffee infused with a customizable amount of CBD across its portfolio of beans. 

"If you want our Ethiopian Gera Estate with 150 mg or our Costa Rican Ateneo with 300 mg, no problem. Our new method gives customers the selection they have been looking for which has been lacking in the market,” said John Serda, owner of Serda’s Coffee. “Other coffee roasters that provide CBD-infused coffees only offer one varietal of coffee, where we can offer 20 and more.”

To develop the customizable CBD infusion capability, Serda said the company worked with Mile High Labs in Broomfield, Colo., and PharmLabs in Coachella, Calif., to develop, test and produce the CBD levels from bean to cup. The main challenge, he said, was ensuring that the CBD infused into the beans was then extracted during the brewing process. 

"It's easy to add CBD to coffee beans — getting it back out in your cup when you brew the coffee is the trick,” Serda said. 

Currently, Serda’s Coffee is offering the CBD-infused beans on its website with any coffee type. Buyers just choose their CBD infusion level at checkout.