Renewsha highlights consistent dosing with its dissolvable CBD tablets

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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As it gains traction in the company’s home state, Renewsha is highlighting the consistency that its flagship product offers. The Hanover, Mich.-based company markets Renewsha orally dissolving CBD tablets, which use a patent-pending formula to deliver 30 mg of CBD in each dose. 

“Renewsha represents a whole new way to take CBD and experience its unique benefits,” said Nic Hohne, who works with Renewsha's distribution partner. “Instead of guessing how much oil is in a dropper or where an edible came from with a nasty aftertaste that burns, Renewsha makes CBD consumption safer and more enjoyable while producing faster results.”

The company noted that it uses a third-part lab testing facility regulated by Michigan to verify the quality of every batch formula. It noted that its hemp extact CBD is free of THC.