Radio tunes into wellness

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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A new CBD brand is joining the category with an emphasis on overall balance. New York-based Radio is introducing a line of products that include various tinctures, a relief balm and a capsule supplement. The company said it decided to launch during the pandemic because it saw an opportunity to educate consumers and highlight the benefits of CBD. 

"We’ve identified, through our years of experience in the industry, that the primary reasons consumers use hemp extract products are for improved rest, stress relief, and to aid with discomfort,” said Josh Koerber, founder of Radio. “Until recently, it's been difficult for consumers to know how much to take or where to begin depending on what ails them. Radio here to make the decision easy, take the guesswork out of where to begin your hemp extract journey, and deliver the results so many people desperately need."

Radio’s tinctures come in three varieties of terpene blends — Lazer, Edfe Off, Easy Now and sign off, which are meant to aid with focus, relief, stress and rest, respectively. Each carries a retail price of $74.99 and contain a unique blend of terpenes derived from various botanical sources while being free of THC. 
Radio’s line of products also includes Spot Therapy: Relief Balm, which, alongside a terpene and hemp blend, includes such essential oils as palo santo, Texas cedarwood and grapefruit. The company also offers Foresight, a capsule supplement that includes clinical levels of nootropic ingredients and an ingredient meant to protect eyes from the effects of blue light.