PremiumJane expands scope with Jane’s Pets

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PremiumJane expands scope with Jane’s Pets

By David Salazar - 06/10/2020

CBD company PremiumJane no longer only offers products for humans. The New York-based brand is introducing Jane’s Pets, a line of CBD-based products made specifically for dogs. 

The company said it developed the offering in response to a growing number of pet owners using CBD to offer their pets the potential beneficial effects of the cannabinoid, in particular to help improve mobility and quality of life in older pets. 

The first product in the Jane’s Pets lineup is a full-spectrum CBD oil that can be added to wet food or given directly to the pet. Also in the line are the Jane’s Pets CBD-infused dog treats for joint care. Premium Jane noted that because temperature is crucial for maintaining CBD quality, the treats are baked “low and slow” to prevent the CBD from degrading during the baking process. 

Jane’s Pets products receive third-party lab reports to assess the exact amount of CBD in the oil and treats. 

On the company’s website, the oil retails for $34.99 and the treats retail for $24.99.

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