Ojai Energetics earns USDA Organic Certification

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Los Angeles-based hemp brand Ojai Energetics has a new addition to its packaging — the USDA Organic seal. The company recently earned 100% USDA Organic Certification, which makes its CBD elixir the only water-soluble hemp elixir on the market with the certification. 

The company, founded by Will Kleidon, is focused on creating nano-encapsulation technology for cannabinoids to enable faster absorption and bioavailability in water-soluble CBD. 

"We cracked the code on how to make cannabinoids water-soluble using only certified organic plants back in 2014 and have the multiple patents issued covering the process and the composition,” Kleidon said. “Our issued patents have enabled us to be the only company producing certified organic water-soluble cannabinoid formulations."

The company said the organic certification guarantees that its water-soluble formulas are free of nano synthetics.