Limitless Herbal partnership brings Isomist to United States

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Limitless Herbal partnership brings Isomist to United States

By David Salazar - 06/02/2020

British CBD company Limitless Herbal is entering a partnership to bring its flagship product, Isomist CBD spray, to U.S. consumers. Under the partnership, Bubba Kush creator Matt Berger of South Swell will be the United States manufacturer and distributor of Isomist. 

"I am so pleased that we were able to come to terms with someone as charismatic and professional as Matt,” said Limitless Herbal managing director Antony Ounsworth. “He is a perfect fit for our business and we look forward to a great future together."

Also as part of the deal, Berger will use Isomist’s sublingual spray technology to launch his own brand that will include THC. Isomist’s patented carrier solution enables high bioavailability, making it possible to delivery as much as 5,000 mg of CBD to be delivered in a fine mist. Limitless Herbal launched the product in 2018. 

“The sublingual technology was initially something that really excited me about the Isomist Brand,” Berger said. “I could not find another spray on the market that could do, feel or perform like the Isomist spray. Production will start at the end of the month.”

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