Kat’s Naturals debuts Kat’s Craft Collection

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Kat’s Naturals debuts Kat’s Craft Collection

By David Salazar - 06/17/2020

In an effort aimed at celebrating its home state of Tennessee, CBD company Kat’s Naturals is launching its Kat’s Craft Collection with the introduction of the line’s limited-edition sublingual CBD blend. 

The product contains 2,000 mg of CBD in a 120-ml bottle. The CBD is derived from the Tennessee-grown T-1 hemp variety, which the company said is noted for its high content of cannabinoids and essential terpenes. Kat’s Naturals said the blend is meant to provide mood-boosting benefits often associated with CBD, as well as digestion aid, and the pain and nausea relief associated with CBC. 

"The Kat's Craft line is unique for the CBD hemp industry. From cultivating the plant to bottling, we are bringing our customers some of the purest, most distinguished product on the market," said Kat Merryfield, Founder and CEO of Kat's Naturals. "It's like a plant in a bottle — the moment you pop the cork, you will smell, taste and feel the T-1 strain, as if you were picking it fresh from the fields."

Kat’s Naturals said the Kat’s Craft Collection represents a vertically cooperative supply chain with strains of CBD that originate in Tennessee. The collection is the result of a collaboration between the company and Nashville’s NuSachi, indoor grower Optimara Agriculture, and poster and design specialists Status Serigraph. 

"Kat's Naturals is consistently recognized as a top brand and an aspiration to the Tennessee hemp and CBD market. NuSachi's proprietary processes are ideally suited for trusted products like the portfolio Kat Merryfield continues imagining," said Tonya Lewis, CEO of NuSachi. "Knowing that NuSachi is playing a pivotal role in bringing this therapeutic and healing plant to the masses gives our team a deep sense of pride and joy. But knowing that consumers are choosing pure quality over quantity when they purchase the Kat's Craft limited release is why we exist."

NuSachi’s SOLAR System is a process that yields solvent-free Single Origin Live Action Rosin extraction. The hemp flower is flash-frozen when harvested and then extracted without solvents to create a pure extract from plant material that hasn’t been heated, treated or dried. 

The partnership with Status Serigraph and artist Justin Helton was meant to help Kat Naturals express the quality of the product. Helton, who has designed for the Grateful Dead, Phish and the Dave Matthews Band, created a label meant to evoke vintage band posters on an apothecary-style bottle. 

"As someone who normally designs for concerts and musicians, having a chance to design for a craft CBD product really had me intrigued. It gave me a chance to spread my wings and learn more about the roots of CBD as I went," said Helton. "Kat's Naturals takes a lot of pride in their products just as I take a lot of pride in my designs, so this was a perfect fit when it comes to collaborations."

Kat’s Craft Collection sublingual CBD selles for $188. It contains a dropper applicator with measurement markets. 

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