Innergreen CBD taps third-party lab for testing

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Innergreen CBD taps third-party lab for testing

By Dan Ochwat - 06/15/2020

InnerGreen CBD, a new national company that produces creams, gummies, mints and hand sanitizer, has partnered with Encore Labs to independently test the company’s product for quality and efficacy in every single batch created.

InnerGreen CBD, Beverly Hills, Calif., begins its process with in-house technicians testing the product, which after they collect results, sends it to the third-party lab. There, Encore Labs provides a detailed report on the contents of the CBD oil by the common compounds found in CBD extracts.

Customers can view the report with information regarding the amount of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG and other ingredients that make up the whole of their CBD oil product. The report provides a glimpse into the exact makeup of every product and, by extension, every dose of oil, the company said.

"We really wanted to pin-point areas the product could improve so that our work is always evolving, always getting better," a representative from the company stated. "We're aiming to set a new benchmark for CBD products as a whole, and we're going to start the trend by holding ourselves to a higher standard than the rest. After all, revolutions start small."

From topicals to tinctures, InnerGreen CBD can provide pure hemp extract in many forms, the company said, and the rigorous lab testing guarantees the product to be pure and effective, as well as provide the exact dosage on the label.


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