Global Widget brands to take part in study on CBD, liver health

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Global Widget’s three brands are going under the microscope. The company’s Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script and Perfect Paws Hemp brands are joining an observational study that will examine the effects of CBD on liver health across 1,000 consumers. 

"Being an industry leader, Global Widget is really driving a lot of our decision-making based on science," said Margaret Richardson, chief compliance officer. "So, when we had the opportunity to join a study designed to address some of the concerns that the FDA has raised, particularly around CBD and its effect on the liver, we jumped."

The study is being executed by clinical research organization ValidCare and will look at 12 other CBD companies in addition to Global Widget. 

"The study is designed to collect data in a blinded fashion that allows for safety information to be provided to the FDA," Richardson said. "It's not specific to any one particular company's product. It's an industry effort to address what the FDA has said publicly they need, which is more safety information, especially around liver toxicity."

Rod Nuss, COO of ValidCare, said “It is great to see over a dozen companies make the investment in consumer safety and collaborate to get FDA the data it needs.”

Global Widget said this study is the latest in its efforts to use science to inform its product development. The company performs its own testing and stability tests while also working with third-party labs for full-panel lab results on all of its project. The company currently is in the process of forming a scientific advisory board that assists in driving the businesses’ scientific strategy as it expands its products and offerings.