Fire Organix’s CBD Nano Concentrate aims to boost bioavailability

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Chico, Calif.-based Fire Organix is taking its experience in developing water-soluble CBD for wholesale and retail to a new consumer-focused product. The company’s CBD Nano Concentrate, which contains 15 mg of CBD in a 1-ml package, is designed to offer a more efficient delivery method for the cannabinoid. 

"Fire Organix CBD Nano Concentrate is unlike conventional CBD oils," said Britt Johnson, founder and CEO of Fire Organix. "Our unique process results in a water-soluble liquid CBD product that is significantly more bioavailable than other CBD products. This means a better, more effective product."

The company noted that a 2016 study on bioavailability, published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, found that orally administered CBD oils tend to have low bioavailability of CBD. However, research dating to 2007 has found that water-soluble nanoemulsions can improve oral bioavailability by as much as 800%. While most nanoemulsions offer oil-in-water emulsions of 100-500 nanometers, Fire Organix said its nanoemulsions are in the range of 10-50 nanometers. 

Fire Organix is positioning the CBD Nano Concentrate as a solution for consumers looking to incorporate CBD into their supplement regimen. The single-serve product is packaged in light-refracting vials with tamper-evident seals, and it can be added to any beverage or liquid. The product currently is sold online in five-packs, which sell for $18.99.