Essence Smokes debuts CBG hemp cigarettes

With a focus on sustainability, Essence Smokes is debuting the first CBG hemp cigarettes.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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As alternative cannabinoids gain traction among consumers, Essence Smokes is rolling out the first CBG cigarette brand. The tobacco- and additive-free smokable product is made with hemp rolling paper and natural filters. 

“As a longtime, and thankfully former, smoker of tobacco products, I was especially keen to bring a nicotine- and additive-free product to the market,” said Essence Smokes co-founder and hemp veteran Greg Capolino. “Essence Smokes introduces people around the world to the extraordinary cannabinoid CBG through a non-intoxicating and profoundly smooth smoking experience. Our product delivers CBG into the bloodstream much more rapidly than other kinds of products, such as tinctures and edibles. Many people report that CBG from our product is more desirable than CBD.” 

Essence Smokes said that the cigarettes use a high-CBG strain of hemp, rather than extracting the cannabinoid using potentially harmful solvents. The product also is focused on sustainability. The company said the filters biodegrade in less than a week upon reaching the ocean and within a few weeks in a landfill. 

“As we worked on the R&D, our team savored the enjoyment of smokable CBG,” Capolino said. “Now, with Earth Day just one month away, we are proud to introduce such a sustainable alternative to nicotine and tobacco products to consumers worldwide.” 
Essence Smokes cigarettes already have launched at smoke shops in Colorado’s Front Range, as well as in certain retailers in New Jersey, Delaware and Tennessee, with the aim of being available in California and Florida soon. Internationally, the cigarettes currently are being sold in Panama and will be rolled out in the United Kingdom beginning in Q2 of 2021, with plans to expand into European Union countries as well.