Demetrix scales up CBG production capabilities

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Biotech company Demetrix has hit a big milestone in its efforts to commercialize the rare cannabinoid cannabigerol, or CBG. The Berkeley, Calif.-based company said that it had commenced 15,000-liter demo-scale production of CBG following several successful pilot-scale fermentations. 

The company noted that while psychoactive THC and its nonpsychoactive counterpart CBD have been the cannabinoids in the spotlight, they only represent roughly 40% of a plant’s dry flower. CBG and other rare cannabinoids are only available in sub-1% concentrations. In order to access, study and commercialize these cannabinoids, Demetrix said it has created a fermentation technology platform that allows it to produce high-purity rare cannabinoids quickly and sustainably to offer them for use in health-and-wellness products. 

"Demetrix believes in the power of science to make the world a better place. By bringing scientific rigor to the production and study of cannabinoids, we're pioneering a future of safe, effective, and legal products that use these rare, incredibly promising compounds to improve the health and wellness of millions of people," said Jeff Ubersax, CEO of Demetrix. "Achieving demo scale production is a significant milestone that proves how fast and effective our team has been in solving some of the biggest challenges in producing cannabinoids with fermentation.  We're well on our way to large scale commercialization."

Venture capital-backed Demetrix has so far secured $61 million in funding, with a staff that includes industry veterans and experts in research and development, production, regulation and commercialization, the company said.