Cloud Water gives CBD some sparkle

Seth Mendelson
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Great taste and 25 mg of CBD in each bottle?

That is what officials at Cloud Water Brands said their four SKUs of sparkling water offer consumers and why the product line is different from almost every other beverage in the marketplace. 

The Cloud Water line features such flavors as Aztec chocolate and strawberry; blackberry, lemon and rosemary; blood orange and coconut; and grapefruit, mint and basil. Products are priced at $78 for a 12-pack and around $7 for an individual 12-oz. container. 

“Our taste profile is pretty unique,” said Alexandra Galindez, chief marketing officer of the New York-based company. “Our products have a great taste profile and are lightly sweetened with raw honey.  We are a premium brand in terms of ingredients and packaging. We are definitely taking the high road with this product and consumers will taste the difference.”

Marc Siden, co-founder and CEO of the company, said: “There is a large demand for CBD products in the beverage category. We don’t make any claims, but we have a great following of consumers who enjoy the beverage and feel that the CBD in it is helping them.”