CBD iced tea enters Canadian market

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CBD iced tea enters Canadian market

By Dan Ochwat - 04/15/2020
Basecamp (right) is an iced-tea flavored drink with 15mg of CBD.

A1 Cannabis has a new CBD-infused Iced Tea that has recently launched at Ontario-area private cannabis retailers but is open for broader doors. 

The product from the Toronto-based company is called Basecamp CBD Iced Tea and is a classic iced tea flavored drink with lemon for a touch of sweetness and it contains 15 mg of CBD per bottle.

The beverage is one of two new beverage launches under A1 and its producing partner Valens, which entered into a white label agreement to launch cannabis-infused beverages. 

Valens is a global leader in the end-to-end development and manufacturing of innovative, cannabinoid-based products. Valens' proprietary emulsion solution, SōRSE Technology, which creates water-soluble cannabis emulsion to deliver high-quality, customized cannabis experiences. 

The other drink is called Summit THC Citrus Water, which has a blend of lemonade and grapefruit flavors and 2.5mg of THC. A1 Cannabis is a subsidiary of Iconic Brewing, which focuses on better-for-you alcoholic beverages.

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