CarryOn splashes into the CBD market

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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A new brand is coming to market with two varieties of sparkling CBD water and a focus on mental health. Denver-based CarryOn is debuting with its Elevate and Descend CBD-infused sparkling water. 

Grapefruit-flavored Elevate, designed to help keep consumer calm but sharp, contains 10 mg of CBD and choline to aid with focus. Blueberry-flavored Descend, meant to provide relaxation without impairment, included L-theanine and 20 mg of CBD isolate. Both varieties contain 10 calories per 11.5-fl.-oz. can, as well as vitamins C and E, and are free of added sugar. 

"We believe mental wellbeing should be as second nature as physical fitness, and so we set out to create a CBD beverage that provides real functional benefits like focus and relaxation.  We understood there was a gap in the market for a trustworthy CBD beverage that tastes good, and also helps calm the mind without unwanted side effects. So, we set out to solve that gap with the CarryOn brand," said Josh Wiesman, Co-Developer of CarryOn brand. "No one should ever be made to feel bad or ostracized for prioritizing their mental wellness.  Our brand is dedicated to support in a meaningful way."

The company is working with the Colorado Restaurant Foundation’s Angel Relief Fund, having donated funds to support hospitality workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The donation will support restaurant and food and beverage workers hwo have lost employment during the pandemic. 

CarryOn was developed by Ocean Spray Cranberries’ Lighthouse Incubator, which launched last year to help accelerate health and wellness-focused innovation. The company has launched as a pilot test in Colorado. 

Currently, the products are sold at AppleJack Liquor Stores in Colorado. Individual cans carry a suggested retail price of $4.99 each.