Carnivore Meat's hemp chews for dogs get Festival Foods distribution

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Carnivore Meat's hemp chews for dogs get Festival Foods distribution

By David Salazar - 08/03/2020

Raw pet food brand Carnivore Meat is expanding the distribution of its Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Hemp Chews. The Green Bay, Wis.-based company will be selling the product in its home state through a partnership with Festival Foods, a 32-store Wisconsin retailer.  

Carnivore Meat’s hemp chews feature custom terpene profiles that the company said are meant to enhance desired effects based on a pet’s specific condition. Combining hemp oil with 100% beef, the chews are sold in three varieties — Relax, Relief and Revive. They are part of the company’s growing branded portfolio, but Carnivore Meat also supplies private label, co-packing and ingredients globally. 

Carnivore Meat’s Relax chews are designed for dogs with pain and inflammation and may help improve mobility. The Revive chews are formulated to help regulate focus and energy, and enhance stamina. The Relax chews may relieve nervousness, stress and anxiety, and support calmness in dogs, the company said. 

“Most other hemp chews for pets are made with a host of ingredients that are not necessarily high-quality or healthy for our pets," said Melissa Olson, vice president of sales and marketing at Carnivore Meat. “Our hemp chews are all-natural and made with Wisconsin sourced hemp oil, which is considered among the highest quality in the United States. And, like our other freeze-dried products, we use only USA-sourced meat and do not include fillers, grains, gluten or artificial ingredients in any of our food or treats."

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