BioFit 360 launches new brand InnerG

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BioFit 360 launches new brand InnerG

By David Salazar - 09/04/2020

Industrial hemp CBD manufacturer BioFit 360 is diversifying its offerings with a new brand meant to offer tasty, quality products in eco-friendly packaging. InnerG, from the Los Angeles-based company, includes mint chocolate and orangesicle CBD drops, gummies and soothing muscle cream — all of which are vegan. 

"With school schedules beginning in a variety of formats including online, hybrid, and in-person, we're introducing a new and exciting alternative to help reduce stress and anxiety," said Heather Hughes, BioFit 360 president. "Our delicious CBD oil drops can help students and professionals manage the chaos in a natural, plant-based way."

InnerG has debuted with giveaways and special offers being awarded through its Instagram (@InnerGcbd) and its website. The brand also has tapped pro surfer Dylan Graves and other motocross and Olympic athletes as brand ambassadors. 

 "I explained to [InnerG] that I didn't want another sticker on my board, I wanted to collaborate with friends," he said. "That's what it's all about, on top of reaping the benefits of CBD."

As an introductory offer, InnerG drops currently are 50% off. 

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