BioFit 360 debuts sleep tincture with CBN, melatonin

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BioFit 360 debuts sleep tincture with CBN, melatonin

By David Salazar - 10/16/2020

BioFit 360 CBD is branching out into other cannabinoids with its latest product. The Los Angeles-based brand has unveiled its Deep Sleep tincture, which combines CBD; cannbinol, or CBN; and melatonin. 

"Many people have heard about how CBD and melatonin can enhance sleep, but the amplified, sleep-sustaining properties of the cannabinoid CBN are just beginning to come to light," said Heather Hughes, BioFit360 president. "When combined, the three create a sleep tincture that's more effective than anything we've ever seen before, without grogginess, and with a great taste."

CBN has been used increasingly by CBD companies for its ability to help overcome restlessness and enhance sleep. "These three substances work together to make deep restful sleep possible," Hughes said. "Since your body already produces them naturally, the negative side effects of many other sleep aids have not proven to be an issue."

The product currently carries a suggested retail price of $145, but is being offered at a 10% discount with cope DEEPSLEEP10 on the BioFit 360 website. 

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