Being Hemp unveils women-focused nano CBD products

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Being Hemp is aiming to address the health, wellness and beauty needs of women with its latest line of products. The San Diego-based maker of products using high-absorption nano CBD is adding an anti-aging skin care system, five condition-specific tinctures and an apple cider vinegar gummy supplement. 

The company said that its focus has been on offering innovation in a category that is growing, but does not necessarily feature tailored products for different groups. 

"There is a big difference between marketing existing CBD products to women and creating physician-formulated products that meet women's specific needs," said Liz Gagnon, director of communications for Being Hemp. "As we looked at the landscape of CBD products, we found that women are looking for CBD products that speak directly to their concerns and that they can trust to work as advertised. We're confident that Being Hemp products will deliver the pure, powerful results that women expect and deserve."

The Being Hemp Apple Cider Vinegar Nano Hemp Gummies include 35 mg of apple cider vinegar and 25 mg of nano CBD per gummy, delivering the cannabinoid and the vinegar looked to for various antimicrobial and antioxidant effects in a watermelon-flavored vegan gummy. 

The Being Hemp Anti-Aging Skin Care System includes three products, the Beautiful Age-Defying Serum, Beautiful Day Crème, and Beautiful Night Cream. The serum includes saw palmetto, collagen and vitamins A and B while the day crème features vitamin E and rosehip oil alongside titanium oxide meant to protect against UVA and UVB rays. The night crème offers vitamin A and rosehip oil. All three are packaged in an airless pump jar that allows for one-finger dispensing. 

The company’s tinctures are formulated around various conditions. Each offers 50 mg of nano CBD per 1 ml, and includes omegas 3-6-9, vitamins C and D, zinc and green tea extract theanine. The tinctures include: Restful, a sleep formula with melatonin and lavender; Immune, with turmeric and elderberry; Serene, with bacopa and limonene; Centered, a mood formula with ashwagandha and evening primrose; and Harmony a hormone balance formula with St. John’s wort and black cohosh root.