Asheville Hemp Project debuts new line, supports restaurant workers' fund

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Asheville Hemp Project debuts new line, supports restaurant workers' fund

By David Salazar - 04/28/2020

North Carolina-based hemp cultivator Asheville Hemp Project is rolling out a new product line and giving back to its community. AHP said that it is donating 50% of the online sales of the new four-product line to the NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund. 

“We are very excited about our new product offerings that are coming onto the market at this time. We are also very concerned about the fate of our community during the pandemic,” AHP co-founder Leslie Hoffman said. “Much of the economy of the greater Asheville area relies on the hospitality sector, and with all non-essential businesses closed, most restaurant workers are staying home with no idea of when, or if, they will have their jobs again.”

The product line is meant to fill gaps the company said currently exist on the market. Among the products are hemp pre-rolls. The AHP-grown hemp flower pre-rolls are made with unbleached hemp paper and biodegradable crutch and sold in packs of 10, with 100 mg of CBD in each pre-roll. The company also is debuting its AHP Extract, offering a 1-oz. bottle in both 1000- and 1500-mg strengths. Both the pre-rolls and extract contain less than 0.3% THC. 

Also in the lineup is a THC-free CBD gum, which contains eight pieces per pack, with each piece formulated to deliver 10 mg of CBD. Rounding out the products is the AHP Organic Hemp Lip Balm, a CBD and THC-free offering that includes hemp oil, sunflower oil and beeswax. 

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