Alkame unveils new website

As the company overhauls its website, Pura has indicated that it will be upping its 5% investment in Alkame imminently.
David Salazar
Managing Editor
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Health-and-wellness technology company Alkame Holdings has given its website a facelift. The Las Vegas-based company has revamped and redesigned to reflect its position as a leader in the hemp- and CBD-infused food and beverage industry. It also has received an increased investment from Puration, or Pura. 

Alkame was an early player in the CBD food and beverage space, where it has offered co-packing, product development and private-label manufacturing services since 2014. The recent growth in the sector led the company to overhaul the website to better reflect its services. 

"We have set the standard for quality and compliance and now we have a new website that reflects our long history of pioneering health-and-wellness products,” said Robert Eakle, Alkame Holdings CEO. 

Among the companies that Alkame works with is Pura, bottling the Dallas, Texas-based company’s EVERx CBD Sports Water. While Pura has a 5% stake in Alkame and it said it would be imminently making another investment in Alkame.